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File #: AB2021-395    Version: 1
Type: Discussion Status: Discussed and Motion(s) Approved
File created: 7/1/2021 In control: Council Committee of the Whole
On agenda: 12/7/2021 Final action: 12/7/2021
Enactment date: Enactment #:
Title: Discussion and periodic update of the Shoreline Management Program
Attachments: 1. Staff Memo for 11-9-21, 2. Staff Memo for 10-26-21, 3. Staff Memo for 10-12-21, 4. Staff Memo for 9-28-21, 5. Staff Memo for 9-14-21, 6. Staff Memo for 8-10-21, 7. Staff Report to Planning Commission, 8. Exhibit A - CP Ch. 10 Envt, 2021-05-13 (PC Approved), 9. Exhibit B - CP Ch. 11 Shorelines, 2021-05-13 (PC Approved), 10. Exhibit C - CP Ch. 8 MRL 2021-05-13 (PC Approved), 11. Exhibit D - WCC Title 23 (SMP) 2021-05-13 (PC approved), 12. Exhibit E - WCC Title 22 (Permitting) 2021-05-13 (PC Approved), 13. Exhibit F - WCC 16.16 (CAO) 2021-05-13 (PC Approved), 14. Exhibit G - SMP Map, Draft 2021-02-24 (PC Approved), 15. Exhibit I - Whatcom Co SMP NNL Memo 2020-12-31, 16. Exhibit J - Restoration Plan Addendum_Whatcom_2020-03-31, 17. Exhibit H - Synopsis of Public Comments (revised 2021-04-28), 18. Exhibit K, Att. 1 - Required and Recommended Changes w WC responses, 19. SMP Memo (dated 11.24.2021)
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Department Planning and Development Services Department

Primary Contact Email:    cstrong@co.whatcom.wa.us




Discussion and periodic update of the Shoreline Management Program





7.13.2021:  Overview of the periodic update of Whatcom County’s Shoreline Management Program (SMP), which includes amendments to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan (shoreline and other policies), WCC Titles 23 (shoreline regulations) and 22 (permitting procedures), WCC Chapter 16.16 (critical areas regulations), and the official Shoreline Map. Additionally, the project addresses Council’s docketed items 1) PLN2019-00011, a directive to amend the Comp Plan and codes to allow the seasonal extraction of sand and gravel from dry upland areas under certain conditions (but has been found to be unnecessary); and 2) PLN2018-00010, the addition of a Sustainable Salmon Harvest Goal policy to the Comp Plan.


9.14.2021:  Discussion of proposed Comp Plan policy amendments pertaining to the SMP Periodic Update and docket item #PLN2018-00010 regarding a Sustainable Salmon Harvest Goal policy.


9.28.2021: Discussion of proposed amendments to Title 22 (Land Use & Development, Exhibit E) and the Shoreline Management Program Map (Exhibit G).


10.12.2021: Discussion of proposed amendments to Title 23 (Shoreline Management Program)


10.26.2021: Discussion of proposed amendments to WCC Chapter 16.16 (Critical Areas)


11.9.2021: Discussion of No Net Loss, Restoration Plan, and Department of Ecology Required and Recommended Changes


12.7.2021:  Discussion of memo from PDS staff


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